Crew and Transportplanning

The Crew & Transport Module is used to allocate both crew and transport to Jobs.

Also, with the Crew & Transport Module, activities that are not Job-related, like holidays, can be entered.

For each day within the Job-period, different crew can be selected. Each activity is instantly planned, and user will recieve a warning if conflicts occur.

Activities can be viewed using the graphical crew-planner. In the view, all activities per crew-member are shown, and with simple mouse-clicks, the user may add or modify activities. Different types of activities (showdays, holiday, sickday etc) are displayed in user-definable colors.


In RMS, you may print schedules per crew-member, per Job and per period. Schedules may also be published on a web-site, so crews can easily access their schedules from remote locations.

Try RMS yourself, click here to download a demo!


RMS in Detail: